Do you have to be Filipino to join?
No, nor do we require you to be educated on the Filipino culture; that’s our job! Our organization is open to EVERYONE! Diversity is key to our success.

What does UTSA FSA do on campus?

UTSA FSA participates in intramural sports and in dance as our dance team performs for organizations and multiple events throughout the school year. Sports and dancing does NOT define UTSA FSA! We are very active involving ourselves in Best Fest, Fiesta, the Asian Tea Party, and numerous events within the university and Texas community. We are, also, one of the most recognized and active student organizations. You will know UTSA FSA when you see our fashion-forward organization shirts or our big crowds at our intramural games!

What is GoodPhil?

The Annual GoodPhil Games are a three-day event that incorporates more than ten Texas-wide university FSAs. The event encompasses competing in dance (Cultural, Spirit, Modern), and sports (football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and ultimate), all while building camaraderie as we strive to uphold our school’s reputation and pride.¬† GoodPhil rotates hosts every year; this year, the University of Texas Austin, will be hosting GoodPhil 2016.

What can UTSA FSA do for me?

UTSA FSA is great way to meet new friends while networking for your future. We have multiple social and community service events throughout the year that provide these opportunities. You will also meet new people from other FSAs around Texas and other students from other organizations at UTSA as we host events together. Providing time for community service and developing tasks within our organization is a point you can include on your resumé.

How can I join UTSA FSA?

Come to any meeting to sign-up for the organization and/or various events as well as meet old/new members! Meetings are held every other Thursday, unless noted. The dates will be posted on the website or any of our social media accounts. You can also find us hanging out around the South Commons of the JPL.

Are there scholarship opportunities within UTSA FSA?

Yes, there are opportunities! We will give out two scholarships per school year. The amounts are not noted as our organization is a non-profit and cannot give a set amount. The amount is up to you and your fellow peers as members must assist in fundraising activities to boost the pot! This scholarship is dedicated to one of our beloved members and is awarded to two members at the end of each semester. For more information about the scholarship; click on the “Members” link, under the “About us” tab.

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